Watters Loses It On Juan Williams When He Tries To Defend Media Coverage Of Trump, It’s Epic

During a segment on ‘The Five’ liberal co-host Juan Williams argued that the mainstream media is not too harsh on President Trump and it is always the media’s job to attack the president. Williams refused to admit that the media treats President Trump any differently than Obama. Jesse Watters couldn’t take the stupidity.

“The legitimate purpose of the press is to be an adversary to people in power and hold them accountable,” argued Williams.

“They’d have a lot more credibility if every administration that came around, they were this adversarial,” argued Watters. “Donald Trump has exposed them as dishonest Democrat Party hacks. The media right now are extensions of the Democratic Party. They give him no credit for anything good he does and deny him all credit for anything he does.”

“Why they get so upset is because their credibility rests upon the fact that they pretend to be independent,” explained Watters.

Williams changed the topic and claimed that Trump just wants to be treated like a king. “The only thing the king wants is somebody who will adore him, who will honor him, who will say, ‘Donald Trump’s the greatest ever,’” said Williams. Who do you think won the fight? Check out the video below.

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