Hillary Shocks The UK: Staffers Run For Water As Mystery Illness Kicks Up On Live TV

Hillary Clinton is unwanted by the Democratic Party, so she is taking her act on the road to the United Kingdom. The failed presidential candidate shocked students and faculty at Mansfield College in Oxford when her mystery illness kicked up on live TV. Immediately, her staffers ran for water as the former Secretary of State’s spasms wouldn’t stop. Don’t miss this.

Hillary was spewing her nonsense over in England since nobody wants to hear what she has to say in America. The former Secretary of State was invited to become Honorary Fellow of Mansfield College as part of a two-day visit to Oxford.

Cherwell.org reported, “Secretary Clinton unveiled a statue of Eleanor Roosevelt at the University’s Bonavero Institute of Human Rights to mark the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), which Roosevelt was instrumental in drafting.

In an accompanying conversation with former Mansfield Principal Baroness Helena Kennedy QC, Clinton noted that “democracy is under siege,” telling the assembled audience that “when you move away from democracy…you lose human rights.”

To an audience of Oxford academics and distinguished guests, Mrs Clinton said: “Democracy is under siege, international cooperation is being diminished and dismissed, and we have to ask ourselves, how do we maintain the democratic experiment in self government and how do we find the cooperation around the world and stand against this tide that seems to be sweeping Europe and the United States that is really undermining the extraordinary work that was done.”

Extraordinary work that was done? By who? Barack Obama? America was turning into a third world nation and Europe is being overrun. This is the kind of idiotic rhetoric that the Democrats are embracing as they have meltdown after meltdown as President Donald Trump wins and then wins again. Hillary can’t stand it.

The Daily Mail reports, “The former US secretary of state said on Monday evening: ‘As we learn more about the role that (Vladimir) Putin, oligarchs around him, the Russian government particularly, the intelligence forces have played, we see that it’s not just what they did in our election in the United States.’”

And she was just getting warmed up. “In a wide-ranging conversation, Clinton also described recently confirmed US Supreme Court Associate Justice, Brett Kavanaugh, as‘somebody that would protect the President.’ On Brexit, she noted that Leave voters wanted to feel ‘their futures are given appropriate respect.’ Secretary Clinton also stressed that she could not understand why the press, public and political establishment are ‘so reluctant to call out what the Russians have been doing.’”

Maybe because the Russians didn’t really do anything that affected the election? We all know how it was Hillary Clinton paying for the Steele dossier and working with the deep state operatives like Peter Stzrok, Lisa Page, Jim Comey, and Andy McCabe, who tried like hell to get Hillary elected by illegally spying on Trump.

Well, little did she know she was about to be struck by her mystery illness, the one we saw time and time again on the campaign trail. It was quite embarrassing as Hillary refuses to tell us what is ailing her. Coming out of the afternoon affair at Mansfield College, she was caught on camera having an epic coughing spasm as college faculty and students looked on.

Oxford Mail reporter Harrison Jones caught “Hillary spluttering her way through Mansfield College,” as she demands her staffers rush and get her a glass of water. What in the world is causing this chronic cough? And there is no doubt America dodged a bullet. Hillary’s health crisis just won’t go away.

“Boo-Boo in NY” tweeted, “Hillary can’t even get through a tour of Mansfield Collage w/o having a coughing fit. She’s always sick or injured. Could you imagine if she was President? She would be coughing all over world leader & during speeches. She’s not healthy enough to run the country, she never was.”

Hillary Clinton can’t get over she lost the presidency, either. Just like the nitwits last week, the leftist mob who showed up on Capitol Hill screaming about Brett Kavanaugh, this is the new norm for the Democratic Party. It’s very scary, almost as scary as Hillary’s hacking cough.

Hillary added, “They [Russians] have been actively supporting right-wing political parties and politicians.” Oh, we see. Hillary’s uses “right-wing” like it’s a dirty word. She wants to spread this ridiculous conspiracy theory. We are sure the good people of the United Kingdom don’t want to adopt her, but we wish they would, hacking cough and all.

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