Chelsea Clinton Scandal Explodes – And The Details Are Unbelievable

This is bad for him, but most importantly, it is bad to the Clinton family also.

Weinstein is their close personal friend and a major donor to Bill and Hillary.

 Chelsea Clinton was caught on camera fleeing her car on Ѕaturday as one reporter asked her about whether the Clinton Foundation will return $250.000 in donations from accused rapist Harvey Weinstein. Chelsea is a board member at the Clinton Foundation, and she ran from the questions, while she was attending a Clinton Global Initiative University event at Northeastern University in Boston.

“Chelsea, will the foundation give back the donations from Harvey Weinstein?” the reporter asked Chelsea. “Do you plan to return the $100.000?” Chelsea looked straight ahead and ignored the questions. Weinstein donated between $100.000 and $250.000 to the Clinton Foundation.

As indicated by our source, USA Politics Today, this came one day after press authorities hindered a columnist who endeavored to approach Bill Clinton to make inquiries at an open occasion. Bill and his little girl were both at Northeastern University to chair the Clinton Global Initiative University’s yearly understudy meeting.

Even though Hillary Clinton said that she will be donating Harvey’s donations to her to charity, the Clinton Foundation refused to comment on what it will be doing with Weinstein’s donations.

The conference brought together thousands of students activists to discuss issues raging from sexual assault to sustainable energy, and included keynotes and panel discussions with Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton and Madeleine Albright. The Clinton Foundation said that after the 2016 preѕidential election, it was going to end CGI, but would continue to sponsor CGI University.


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