After Maxine Waters Calls Him a Liar, Devin Nunes Unleashes Her Worst Nightmare

Representative Maxine Water is still running her mouth, regardless of how it may impact the upcoming midterm elections, this time going after the House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes.

Nunes’ committee reported to have found “no evidence of collusion, coordination or conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Russians.”

On Monday night Waters went on “All In” on MSNBC when she took it upon herself to try to check Nunes’ and call him the president’s “messenger boy,”

“Who would believe Nunes was working in a credible way to find out what took place? … So they can conclude whatever they want to. They weren’t doing anything to begin with. It was not a credible investigation, and so we’re not paying any attention to that at all.”

Nunes wasn’t too keen on being accused of lying, therefore, he checked Waters back, but much harder,

“Right after I was named to the Trump transition team, I began getting attacks, I began getting called that I was some agent of Russia, of a foreign power.”

Nunes stated that the FBI and intelligence agencies need to use their time now to focus on “real problems,” because the fact is that there is zero evidence supporting the claims of collusion,

“We spent 14 months on this investigation, looking for collusion. We didn’t find any.”

Give it up, Waters.

Low I.Q.’ Maxine Attacks Trump, BACKFIRES After What She Let Slip On Live TV

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) has come out swinging against President Donald Trump, who labeled her a “low I.Q. individual” over the weekend. However, her attempt to attack POTUS backfired after what she let slip on live television.

On Saturday, President Donald Trump took aim at Maxine Waters during a rally for State Rep. Rick Saccone, who is currently campaigning in a special Pennsylvania House election. “You ever see her? — ‘We will impeach him, we will impeach him’,” Trump said, mimicking Waters. “She’s a low I.Q. individual — you can’t help it, she really is.”

The crowd erupted over Trump’s insult, proving that most Americans are entirely fed-up with the California Congresswoman, who hasn’t shut up about impeaching Trump since the day he took office, nevermind the fact that he has committed exactly ZERO impeachable offenses.

Maxine Waters herself was less than amused by Trump’s remarks. However, and she didn’t take long to respond to the president’s characterization of her as a “low I.Q. individual.” In a Sunday morning call to MSNBC’s AM Joy, Waters responded by crying sexism and calling the president “Con Man Don.”

“He is expert at name-calling. And it seems that he is identifying and picking up more and more women that he’s attacking. I expected this though. This is not only typical of him, this is what this con man does. He diverts attention from himself by attacking others,” Waters said.

“But, you know, this business about Stormy is not going to go away,” she added, referring to former adult film actress Stormy Daniels, who has been making the media rounds telling the sordid tale of an alleged affair she had with Trump more than a decade ago.

Mr. Trump is alleged to have had an affair with Daniels in 2006, not long after his son, Barron, was born. The porn star, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, was reportedly paid $130,000 by Trump lawyer Michael Cohen to not discuss the matter publicly.

While Trump denies the allegations, it remains to be seen how the alleged affair could possibly bring the president down or even cost him any significant support among his base. [Source: The Daily Caller]

“He can call us all the names he wants to call us, but our special counsel, Mueller, is connecting the dots and last night in a speech I said that if some reason Mueller does not get him, Stormy will,” Waters concluded, clearly proud of herself and feeling that she had effectively put Trump in his place.

Donald Trump has appointed more women to high-level positions within his administration than any other president in the history of our great nation, and he’s only one year into his term. He’s not against women, he’s just against stupid people.

What Waters apparently does not realize is that her vagina does not exempt her from employing a certain level of logical thought. In other words, the fact that she is a woman does not mean that she can go around making misguided accusations and illogical comments without repercussions. If she acts like an idiot, President Trump is going to call her out on it, despite her gender.

This is precisely why the American people are so supportive of Trump and why they voted him into office in the first place. We were collectively sick of politically correct politicians who refused to call a spade a spade for fear of hurting someone’s feelings or being labeled a “bigot.”

Donald Trump doesn’t care. If you’re an idiot like Maxine Waters, he’ll make no bones about calling you one, whether you’re black, white, male, female, gay, straight, or what have you. This is why we love him, and it is one of the many reasons that he is sure to win again in 2020.

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